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Hattie the Horse

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 I have a new friend in the shop! Her name is Hattie and she’s a sweet horse with big eyes and long lashes. I have prints available in sizes 8×10 and 5×7. I... READ MORE

Uplifting Messages

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    When I started this business, I thought I was just going to make things and sell them. I never dreamed this would be so much more than getting to paint for... READ MORE

June Creative Challenge-Transportation

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  This month let’s create something to ride. Think…..Bikes, Cars, Skateboards, Boats, Trucks Remember, you don’t have to paint! You can crochet, finger paint, make a card, make string art, whatever! Just use... READ MORE

Quiet Courage

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Quiet… I love the thought of it and the reality of it. I have always disliked noise. Big crowds make me feel nervous and drained. I do not like to be the center... READ MORE

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